Tuesday, February 06, 2007


In my line of work, I relish the part where I get to meet up with clients personally. While I sometimes lament about how meetings can be really disruptive, especially with really tight deadlines to meet, emails to wade through and piles of files to review, it breaks the monotony at work.

Well, some may have already heard of the interesting experiences that I recently had. So bear with me as I repeat my stories ... so here goes ...

Had to meet a bunch of expats yesterday to conduct a series of consultations and to ease the doubts behind the tax filing process (yea, boring ...) and guess what, I finally met up with the client who gave me an indecent proposal last year and yes, he does look cheeky! hahaha

The meeting was rather daunting at first ... it was just me fronting 10 clients in a room and fielding questions from all directions. But after I said my piece and explained the rationale behind certain actions, all calmed down and I finally managed to take a breather. I then took the opportunity to speak to each individual personally. Yes, I chatted to my indecent proposer and he left me his mobile number, inviting me to club with him (quite a party animal). I was praying that he wouldn't ask me for mine!

There was another new client that I met whom I had no details on. So I had to ask about his personal profile to understand his situation better. His reply was that his friends call him a MBA ...

Married But Available

But he went on to add that he thinks he should be known as a MBVA ... Married But VERY Available ...

Oh man, was he openly flirting with me or what?! And there's more ... he mentioned that it would be nice to have a companion with him to enjoy nice walks by the beach as it can get quite lonely ... erm ... I really didn't know what else to say but grin and scribble notes ... he's 58 years old by the way ...

And yes, the yatch guy ... in separate meeting, there was this other client who showed me pictures of his yatch in Italy and of his apartment in Singapore with a nice seaview and outdoor jacuzzi . Since he was new to Singapore and had not mingled around much, he had a humble request ... for me to be his tour guide ... my client meetings are becoming an occupational hazard! Hmm ... not very comfortable with divulging my mobile number to clients or to blur the line of professional relationships ...

Well, well ... so far the folks that I have met up with are much older and much shorter ... so no hope lah ... hahaha



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