Sunday, February 25, 2007


more gatherings during the Lunar New Year ...

first stop was lunch at Kay's place where we played several rounds of blackjack, with 7 of us each taking turns to be banker ... i'm lousy at gambling, so no surprise that i lost at being a ching-kay ... more exciting was polish a.k.a. in between ... at some points, the atmosphere was so intense that it was pretty stressful, but that added to the fun anyhow ... it was also very uncanny and errie at times when the cards which got called out were the exact same ones that we were chanting for ... it was as if the God of Wealth or the God of Gamblers was hearing our calls! brrrr .... scary stuff ...

second stop was at dinner Sharon's place ... and ooh ooh ooh, the babies are oh so cute! i can't stop gushing at baby Caleb ... Eurasian looking, uber friendly baby, cool (quite oblivious most of the time) .... sooo cute! Tiffany was hyperactive and super-happy ... and definitely a chip off the old block ... looks exactly like Melvin! We are keeping our fingers crossed that she won't inherit Melvin's curly locks, else its gonna be rebonding for life ... hehe

:: (L) Sharon's son Caleb at 7 months & (R) Melvin's daughter Tiffany at 6 months ::

:: er ... yea, mug shots ::

:: yea, we had fun camwhoring ... with the usual suspects ::

last stop was Hon's place where more gambling ensued ... didn't partake knowing that Corky had gamblers luck as banker ... which turned out to be true, yet again ...



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