Tuesday, February 20, 2007

a long weekend

yea, its been a great break ... been pigging out, hanging out & youtubing helluva lot! here is the low-down :

Club-hopping on Friday night ... Oosters, Ice-Cold Beer, Balaclava and finally St James (again, I missed Dragonfly) all in one night. And lo and behold, I bumped into my client at Ice-Cold Beer ... hmm, I seem to have much fate in meeting my clients at bars, don't I? Met this particular one on Thursday in fact. What a coincidence to have bumped into him the next day, standing at a table next to where I was seated. And uh-huh, suggested that I call him out the next time I'm out drinking ...

Finally (part 1)! Got a chance to try out the third and newly opened branch - Canele at Paragon. Very nice cake counter that will set your taste buds drooling. But the cakes were such a disappointment! Cakes were very dry and didn't have that 'oomph'. Presentation was mediocre. Service was startling. Some waiter sent the plates a crashing which woke bee up from his usual sleepy stupor. Am aiming to try The Chocolate Factory next. Apparently, it garnered more ardent worshippers from the staunch chocolate community.

Reunion dinner was pretty good. We had steamboat porridge (without the grains) at Joo Chiat. Yeah, I know its kinda hard to imagine, but the broth mixed with seafood + meat was really sumptuous. Frog legs were added in the last bit and I swear I didn't touch any froggie meat even though some relatives (jokingly) insisted that I did. I ain't ate no frog man! Ewww!!!

Lunch on CNY itself on the first day was at Sha Tin at Geylang and at Mong Hing Teochew Restaurant at Keypoint on the second day. The first restaurant was really lousy and the latter was so-so. I have come to realize that luncheons on CNY were never really fantastic. But then again, I'm no Chinese food gourmand. Give me a simple and tasty wonton noodles + 'dian xin' and I'll be the happiest Dim Sum Dolly.

Finally (part 2)! Got to check out Cafe Del Mar at Sentosa's Siloso Beach with lee. Hmm ... lee thinks its a great place to make out ... uhm, that extends largely to the whole of Sentosa with dimly lit corners and all. Another disappointment. Not as great as it looks. Not so pleasant in our muggy weather. The experience would have been better if there was a slight breeze that night. Music is not limited to just Cafe Del Mar tunes. So it can get a lil' incongruent at times with house music for a chill out place. Expect some families with kids, beach goers in board shorts + flip flops and the occasional pool dippers at night (duh!). Bikini babes? Probably in the afternoons :)

Finally (part 3)! Got to try out Kim Gary at Vivocity after hearing all the ravings from the 'ees' when they made a trip up to KL some time ago. Tried the infamous peanut butter thick toast. It was waaayyy too thick! At 2 inches. Had quite a tough time sawing + gnawing at the base of the toast. Interestingly, Ken actually thought that Kim Gary was the name of a hair salon (think Kim Robinson) hahaha!

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