Sunday, February 04, 2007

IT's HERE!!!

uh huh .... peak season is here ...

been slogging in the office till late, which kinda explains the silence ... well, i was getting lazy too ... so before j-mee starts chasing me for posts, thought i'd better drop a line in here ... heh

hmm, so what have i been up to?

well, i think i have hung up my dancing shoes and given up on clubbing ... somehow, i'm getting bored with the scene, preferring to wine and dine instead ... there are so many restaurants that i wanna try ... Hangout at Mt Emily, Il Lido, Sage, Novus, Tatsuya, chocolate buffet at Fullerton and many more ... so if u are game for some serious epicurean indulgence, lemme know and i will be happy to oblige :)

i have also been working on more designs for the chinoserie collection for SY's shop ... for the first time in ages, i felt the exhiliration working intently on designing and making stuff ... just locking myself at home and working until the wee hours in the morning churning new pieces presented the most immense satisfaction that i can never get out of work ...

having said that, i'm thankful for my creative outlet in balancing the current staid work environment ...

at the same time, i hope that this new business venture will take off ... could do with the extra moolah so that i can buy more cheongsams from SY! hehe :)

tts it! i'm dead beat ... night ...



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