Sunday, September 24, 2006


it felt like Christmas when 2 boxes of mooncakes got delivered to me this morning ... with elves in tow as well :) hee ... thanks for the delivery Jas!

received a box of Raffles Hotel mini snow-skin mooncakes with dark chocolate chunky pearls (new flavour this year!) + another box of Goodwood Park's famous D-24 durian snow-skin mooncakes - Yippee!

i normally have my usual fix of Raffles' champagne truffle & ganache mooncakes but i got something different this year ... a welcome change as the chunky choc pearls were just as good! love the texture (so smooth!) of the lotus paste & the crunchy chocs ...

many have raved about Goodwood's D-24 durian mooncakes and now that i have tried it ... i feel that it is too rich! basically, there isn't a trace of lotus paste in this version ... its just pure durian flesh wrapped in snow-skin ... heavenly for durian lovers ... but way too hard core for my taste ...

i still prefer lotus paste mooncakes ... with a twist ... hmm ... fusion mooncakes that is :)

*ahem* ... i'm starting to get a sore throat ... too much hea(r)ty food :P



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