Sunday, September 24, 2006


sorry folks ... this is gonna be another food blog ... been receiving some remarks that donutland is al'bout food (especially the HK posts) ... oh well ... here i go again ... yet on another food rampage ...

i was hoping to lose the weight that i put on in HK when i got back to Singapore ... but alas ... been pigging out on good food AGAIN!!!

been having lots of Italian food this weekend ... had dinner at Al Dente @ Holland Village on Saturday night ... loved the mussels + bread soaked in gravy (yum! i miss the one at Brewerkz) ... plus the proscuitto pizza (i.e. parma ham + rocket salad) was great! (it's my all time favourite!!! Aragosta pasta (i.e lobster + mushroom) in cream sauce was very very delicious too :)

on Sunday night, decided to try Peperoni Pizzeria @ Greenwood Avenue after hearing reviews about the infamous 21 inch pizza where you can select 4 different types of pizza ... caught a glimpse of the gigantic pizza when we were seated ... and it was HUGE!!! apparently if you do a take-away, the pizza will take up the entire space at the back seat ...

since it was just the 3 of us, we settled for the 14 inch pizza instead ... half Hawaiian + half proscuitto ... hmm, i think the Al Dente one was better though ... but nothing can beat Valentino's version ... hmm, think i have been raving a lot about Valentino ... can't get it out of my system that the pasta/pizza is To-Die-For ...

as for the other dishes ... calamari with thinly sliced onions was good ... pasta arrabiata was good too except that it was a tad too spicy ...

oh yes, in order to curb requests for free water (yea, you know how cheap we can be :P) the restaurant has come up with a clever tactic ...

water ain't free ... in fact ... it's horribly expensive!!!

ice-water costs S$200!!! (S$150 during happy hour)

requests for extra ice will set you back an additional S$150 or S$100 during happy hour

think you can get away by asking for hot/warm water? no way man ... it costs S$200 as well ... with no happy hour promos ...

so, the sublimal message is ... just order a goddam drink!!!

and so i got my usual fix of Hoegaarden :)



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