Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hong Kong Part VI

2 interesting shops that i like ...


situated at Tin Hau ... minutes away from Causeway Bay ... its a small lil shop that stands out among its neighbours ... i.e. garages and car mechanic workshops ... very quaint neighbourhood all the same ...

things sold are quite interesting ... they carry stuff that are not widely available in HK ... so the items are quite exclusive ... moleskine notebooks (the owner is the sole distributor in Asia it seems), some stuff from Colette Paris, one-of-a-kind tees, a range of uber cool CDs with funky beats ...

in my opinion, Kapok is like
Asylum in Singapore ...

Flea + Cents

after 2 failed attempts ... i finally made it to Flea + Cents!!!

resembling a garage sale ... or to put in nicer terms ... its more like an organized junkyard ... Flea + Cents is a mish-mash of artefacts ... at everyturn of the corner ... there is always something interesting that catches my eye ...

being a flea junkie ... i love the place! :)

Other things that i did ...

With lee's arrival (by the way, she brought sunshine to HK!) ... i re-traced some steps and brought her to a few fav huants of mine ...

and yes, we pigged and pigged ... Krispy Kreme for breakfast and Xu Liu Shan for dessert ... for the record, lee is more hard Kore (with a Kapital K mind you) on KK than me :)

and for the first time ... i went clubbing in HK!!!

checked out Hana Club at Lan Kwai Fong ... we were enticed by the HKD 13 (SGD 3) housepours which were unbelievably cheap!!!

also checked out Hei Hei the next night ... its supposedly one of the hottest clubs in HK right now ... and are the bouncers snobbish!!! entrance fee + 1 drink will set you back HKD 200 (SGD 40) ... which is very exhorbitant ... but we paid anyway ...

so sway ... kena checked by the cops halfway ... and i didn't bring any form of identification ... but luckily lee did ... so i got off the hook ... whew!

while the music was great at both places ... both clubbing experiences were marred by unpleasant encounters with the guai los ... very cheesy bunch of peeps ... ugh!

:: at SOHO/Mid-Levels ... check out the pink hair!!! ::

:: very good (and succulent) wonton noodles at this place called 'Mian' at Central ::

:: Pigeon at TST ... lee was tucking into it so heartily ...

i tried a lil ... tasted like spring chicken ... was still quite bothered about the tiny pigeon head tho' ... ugh!

well, i did it and tried pigeon ... but i'm still staying away from frog legs ::

:: our last night in HK ... drinks at Mes Amis ... to celebrate lee's bee-day as well ...

we met up with Mandy, whom lee met on the plane on the way to HK ... Mandy has just started work in HK ...

during our conversation, we came to know of Mandy's fetish for guys with hairless pits

(yes, her bf has hairless pits but has hair everywhere else ... hahaha ... too much information!!!)

and you guys thought my fetish for hairless legs were bad ... :) ::



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