Thursday, September 07, 2006

technical difficulties

am using 2 laptops to blog ... the wireless network signals in the building are very weak and unstable ... and i'm having problem connecting to the PCCW network here ...

blogging is taking twice as long ... i'm using my laptop to upload pics over the wireless network ... which is an ultra slow process ... Jas' laptop is used for posting/blogging proper ...

+ + +

as you all know ... i'm such a phone jinx ... especially with my previous Nokia phones ... i swear i wasn't gonna get a Nokia phone any time soon ... well this time, i just started using the new N73 (on loan) for my HK mobile ... yea yea the new IT phone ... but to me, it sucks!!! the key pad is too small and i can't deal with all the fancy-schmancy features (so many options and too many steps ... its complicated) ... give me a simple phone any time ...

believe it or not, i'm still struggling with SMS-ing ...



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