Monday, September 11, 2006

Hong Kong Part II

Khaos @ Krispy Kreme

the Q at KK was sooooo loooonnnngg ... due to the throng of free-loaders who were kraving for KK which made up the krowd ... yup, you get a FREE original KK if you join the Q ...

Ken is now a KK konvert ... hahaha ... welcome to the klub :)

btw, i was totally enthralled by the konveyor belt of freshly baked donuts ... the smell of icing + dough wifting thoughout the shop was so darn kaptivating ...


finally!!! sunny skies on Sunday!

:: brunch @ The Flying Pan (Mid-Levels, SOHO) ::

:: Star Ferry ride to TST ...

i just love the star-studded seats ... so cute, no? ::


came across this group of student protestors at the ferry terminal @ Central ...

the worthy cause? preservation of some clock tower thingy ...

Local Favourites

:: thick toast with peanut butter + condensed milk with a cup of milk tea ::

:: dim sum @ Yung Kee ::

:: chi fan - oh so good!!! ::

Wanderlust @ Wan Chai

:: some nice shops along Star Street ::

:: and along Electric Street as well .. ::

:: i'm a huge fan of mosiac ...

love the 3-D effect of this advertisement plastered against the wall ::



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