Sunday, April 16, 2006

bee-day celebration (part 4)

Thursday 13.04.2006

Yup, a belated bee-day dinner at
Ristorante Da Valentino, or Valentino for short, off Rifle Range Road. I have always wanted to try this restaurant after hearing much ravings about its food and ambience ... Thanks to Jas & Pat who arranged for reservations way in advance, we secured our coveted seats at Valentino ...

Reaching Valentino can be quite a chore considering its far-flung locale ... so driving there is a must! Despite its location, the trek there is well worth its while and you won't be disappointed with this restaurant set in a quaint neighbourhood of sorts.

Operated by a bona-fide Italian family (read ang mohs, not some Singa-italiano wannabe, everything at Valentino was authentic Italian. The ambience was very warm and cosy, very trattoria-style like ... perfect for a romantic dinner :) , service was impeccable, food was excellent in terms of quality and taste, pricing was about right - not cheap but worth every penny.

For starters, we ordered 2 rounds of pizza (yes, 2 rounds!) and it was delicious - crust was thin and the parma ham was tangy and nice! I ordered a squid ink pasta with crabmeat - recommended by Pat, no regrets on that one ... excellent choice! For dessert, we ordered a round of sweets - the tiramisu was purr-fect, profiteroles were yummy, but the chocolate cake was a tad too dry and needed improvement ...

Oh yes, before I forget, the waiters deserve special mention for their sporting rendition of a birthday song ... somehow they managed to pull it off without knowing the bee-day gal's name ... hahaha ... oh well ... i felt kinda sheepish about it since my bee-day was like a month ago :)

Overall rating : Valentino receives a thumbs-up from me!

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