Thursday, September 07, 2006

we are gluts

05.09.2006 Tuesday

The gluts met again ... what else but to pig out once more as Jas has some very serious cravings this time round in SG ...

Lunched at Adam Road ... for the famous nasi lemak ...

Sinned at Valentino for dessert ... very decadent and very yummy as usual ... also took the opportunity to check out the new patisserie just 2 doors down the restaurant ... ooh-ing + aah-ing ensued ...

Thank goodness it didn't pour in the afternoon ... the last tennis lesson proceeded as usual ... a very fun lesson this time round ... managed to work on a couple of 'improved' serves ... heh :) the rallies we had with coach and amongst ourselves were much much better ... being the last lesson, we stayed on to chat with coach for an hour or so ... great guy ... i'm sure he'll miss us ... yea, we'll miss him too ... awww

06.09.2006 Wednesday

I have arrived in HK - YAY!!!

Flight to HK was delayed ... had late dinner with Jas + Ken immediately after touching down ... at Home-Feel (Lee Gardens), a stone's throw away from the apt ... homecooked food sans MSG ... very comforting amid the light drizzle outside ... i especially liked the rice + chicken cooked in bamboo ...

Krispy Kreme was my next stop!!! could not resist ... my knees go weak ... the donut is at mercy ... gobbled up 2 KK originals :)

+ + +

sombre news ... the die has been cast ... tee has thrown in the towel ... earlier than expected ... shell-shocked ... wondering who's next???

+ + +

btw, i am sorely disappointed with Changi Airport's wireless network ... it ain't free!!! it's only available to Starhub customers who subscribe to the wireless broadband package! wtf!!!

the airport, being a gateway for international visitors ... should allow free wireless internet access at the very least!

such a let-down ...

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