Tuesday, March 21, 2006

post bee-day thoughts

first and foremost ... a HUGE THANK YOU to the peeps (aka the 'ees' + @lloy) for the cake and pressies on friday and for the wonderful night out on saturday ... it was a BLAST!!! also to jee, great to have another buddy to celebrate with :)

thanks also to tee & lee for the pre-bee-day celebrations at MoS on friday night ... it was female bondage ... i mean, bonding .... hahahahaha :)

'Thank Yous' also for the SMSes and calls ... especially from those overseas ... *muacks*

its back to work today ... felt like a sunday ... gawd ... had absolutely no mood for work ... the party on Sat was THE subject of the day ... and we finally got to invite JD out for lunch this week, as we had promised ...

Mum called me in the office today after she had read my blog entries ... in shock and in awe (the pictures were quite graphic ... hehehe) with belated birthday wishes ... she was hoping for a 'bee-day celebration (part 3)' ... stay tuned mum! :)

p/s : reality has sunk in ... just logged onto friendster ... to my utter dismay ... my age (+1) is now broadcasted for all ..... sigh ...


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