Sunday, March 19, 2006

bee-day celebrations (part 2)

yay! today is the day i turn ??? ... okay, i have people welcoming me to the late-twennies club ... with complimentary membership :)

met the gang for dinner at Akvavit for fish & chips and trotted down to clarke quay to chill out before heading to MoS (yea, again!) ... on our way to TCC,
we bumped into JD (the bee-day boy too) and he treated us to a round of shots at Ras ... aw, so sweet!

finally headed to MoS after chilling out ... thanks to lee, we managed to get a bed at Pure Room ... woo-hoo! felt like some opium den! everyone was so trigger-happee, we took more than 200 photos in one night ... we drank, danced like crazy and everyone was merry ...

after we left MoS, we decided to take up JD's invite for another round of drinks at Attica ... oh man! the place was teeming with expats and SPGs ... if not for JD, we'd feel so out of place ... being the good sport, JD bought everyone rounds of drinks yet again ... and we all headed to the dance floor with the usual crazy antics :)

after attica closed for the night ... only lee, j-mee & me were left standing ... so we followed JD up to Attica Too ... Attica Too was yet another harem ... the place was packed even at 5am in the morning! unbelievable!!! more drinks ensued and we tried to wring some stuff from JD about who he would like to date from the office ... to no avail ... the guy was too darn smart to divulge anything ... but at least, he managed to feel quite knackered after so many rounds of drinks ... mission accomplished! whew, i'm glad i didn't get wasted :)

for more crazy pictures, click here and here


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