Sunday, March 05, 2006

first impressions

ever wondered what people thought of you? the very FIRST impression?

i had a meeting with a TV producer for coffee yesterday ... nope, nothing illicit ... not after the tammy incident ... the blackivory gals are set to appear on tee-vee for an interview soon! woo hoo! i digress ...

anyhow, we made small talk and the usual questions ensued ... and it just got me thinking about what sort of questions people normally ask me to break the ice ... the standard questions are :

"how tall are you ah?", "wah, your parents must very tall leh!", "your boyfriend must be very tall right?", "would you date a shorter guy?", "how you shop for clothes ah?", "you got model before not?"

and the ultimate questions :

"you must the youngest in the family right?" or BESTEST "you only child right?"

hmm ... is that the impression i give?


Anonymous jaykay said...

oops. i admit, that was one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind when i 1st saw u. =S

12:26 am  
Blogger s p a c e d o n u t said...

to add to impressions ...

today, someone commented that i look like an 'easterner' i.e. the east coast look or worse .. tampines look


1:08 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:53 pm  

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