Sunday, March 19, 2006

bee-day celebrations (part 1)

to coincide with jee's bee-day, celebrations started a day earlier in the office ... her birthday was on friday, march 17th itself ..

there was the cake cutting and photo-taking for both jee & i ... at the other end of the office, there was another group celebrating JD's bee-day as well (the gang was so thrilled by JD's party invite for sat ... hee) ... thereafter we had no mood to work ... altho' we could have left the office at 3.30pm for a company BBQ at east coast, we didn't budge ... preferring to stay back in our comfy seats and overflowing desks .... yea, so much for loving our jobs ...

lee, tee & i then adjourned for dinner at MOS (the burger joint) with bee in tow ... then headed for a couple of shots at O Bar ... ambience sux but shots are really cheap there! anyway, managed to get a lil high before heading down MoS (the club) for Cleo's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors Party!!!

i have never done the groupie thing before ... so crashing this function was quite an experience ... we arrived rather late but managed to catch the Bachelor's crowning glory ... not very impressed ... BUT we managed to catch Shan Wee .... er, he didn't win the contest but obviously, we HAD to take a picture with him!


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