Saturday, March 11, 2006


the past 2 weeks have been absolutely crazy ... work is gnawing the life out of me ...

yea, tis' the tax filing season and the folks up the ladder are driving us NUTS!!! shall not go into detail as it's depressing enough already ...

quotes/happenings this week :

~ tee's confusion with racism ... like ali G, she is going racialistic ...

~ @lloy wore this really sheer shirt to work today ... and left little to imagination ... hahaha

~ j-mee's mental system keeps hanging ... and is on the verge of crashing ... some viral/virul infection ... signs : forgetfulness (memory overload), momentary silences as he tries to gather his thoughts (needs to defrag) ...

~ just found out that yvonne might be relocating soon ... oh man, the news was such a blow ... it would be a huge loss to the firm (she is by far the most hardworking, smart and dedicated STC around) and i will miss my late-nights work companion ... *sob*

~ swearing in hindi is so in!!! its chod chod away!

~ looking forward to a short vacation/break ... post-April 15th ... need some heavenly bliss to motivate me through this period ... finally managed to settle on a getaway with the peeps ... spa, sea-sports ... hmmm ....

~ 7 days to being a year older! ... hope to have a fun night out with the peeps ... without getting wasted!


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