Sunday, April 29, 2007

silly goose

me : hi! is this aunty S? this is lynn ...

receiver (in a very sleepy voice) : huh? who is this?

me : lynn ... can i speak to aunty S?

receiver (still in a very sleepy voice) : huh? no such person ...

me : ok, sorry!

and then i rang mum to rant at the wrong number thingy ... while going through friendster to get my cousin to give me her mum's number ... resourceful eh? hehe

subsequently, receiver called back ... turned out to be cousin sybchoh lah! aiyo, blur queen ...

syb : oh! that was you!!! mum has changed her number again ...

me : heyo! can i get your mum's mobile number then?

syb : why leh? u getting married issit?!

me : !!!!! NO!!!!!!

omg ... it has started hasn't it? damn ...



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