Saturday, April 07, 2007


Paid a visit to Satsuma, the hipper and younger sister of Shunjuu.

Nope, Satsuma is not a geisha mind you .... its a nice lil enclave located at Gallery Hotel.

It was a pre-holiday get-away from the office ... we all needed a short break and so we planned for a lil tete-a-tete in dresses, high heels and all :)

Since the gals were craving for hot chocolate, we headed to Robertson Quay once again ... now a favourite hotspot with its close proximity from the office. Thanks for Angie whose friends' cousin owned Satsuma, we secured our reservations at the last minute and got to meet the affable owner herself.

Satsuma serves a terrific range of yakitori, we especially liked the foie gras and oysters wrapped with pork. The gals' favourite dish was tofu with melted cheese - very smooth and really quite heavenly .... Having heard about the drinking games at Satsuma :

" sorakyuu of shochu - a conical cup with a hole at the bottom. You'll have to cover the hole with your thumb then down the shochu in a gulp amidst much ruckus created by wooden 'clappy' things which the waiters will rattle vigorously"

But not quite in the mood for hardcore drinks, we opted for something a lil more lighthearted - Shochu cocktails, which were so-so.

As mentioned, we ended the night with dessert at The Chocolate Factory once again (my 3rd time there in 3 consecutive weeks!). With Easter round the corner, the coldroom showcase was peppered with delectable chocolate eggs which were oh-so-tempting!!!

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