Monday, April 23, 2007

Wacha Up To?

Friday 20.04.2007

It was an 'introduction' between 2 knowing parties. Chose a quaint and much flogged about place for nice and quiet dinner - Wacha @ 14 Ann Siang Road.

Told tee about the place 2 months back and we were due to have dinner with the peeps there. But alas, there were last minute hiccups and I had to cancel reservations - twice. Despite the possibility of being black-marked by the nihonjin proprietress, I was undeterred and made reservations for the third time, with stern warnings to the dinner attendees.

And wakaka, we made it to Wacha!

First things first - the dinner party. Here are pics of us sans flushed faces, before the sake.

:: tee + me :: lakky blings ::

I got to know about Wacha though ChubbyHubby's blog in February this year and was intent on visiting the place. Especially when it was just a twirl + hop + skip away from the office. The intent was so strong that I was so close to taking half a day off just for a nice afternoon tete-a-tete (they only open from 2pm onwards).

In just over a month, like the property market, prices for the set meal went up by 25% to $40 for 4-course meal. Nevertheless, I was so charmed by the pics of the pretty lil appetizer baskets and I just had to see if it really lived up to the hype.

As we all know, the Japanese place huge emphasis on presentation. Wacha is no different. From the facade of the shophouse, to the eden-looking tables with its plastic (prickly) vines, to the food baskets - the aesthetics were cute yet elegant.

Now the lowdown on the food.

The baskets were delightful. Each of us was presented with a basket of our own, consisting of 6 appetizers resembling an assortment of pickled delights.

The second course was a non too spectacular age-dashi tofu dish. For mains, we had a choice of either saba / chicken kakiage / unagi with 'plane' rice. The gals opted for the chix while the boy opted for the unagi. The 'plane' rice was good! Ask tee - she finished every grain! haha :)

For sweets, we had the green tea cheesecake, a cement-looking goma (black sesame ice-cream), green-tea ice-cream and an effervescent maccha affagato. Of which, I think the goma and green-tea fared best.

Perhaps my expectations for Wacha were on the high side. After all, CH's review seemed more exotic and exciting as compared to the menu that we were presented with.

Nevertheless, Wacha is a perfect place to while a lazy afternoon away which ambling along the quirky shops along Club Street. It is also a nice place to bring a date to. In fact, it might be just perfect to hold speed dating parties! Business idea anyone?

+ + +

Night at the Museum

Since we couldn't shrug off the Friday chill-out mood, we headed to the National Museum to check out the new bars. It was a toss between Novus (quieter and more atas) and Muse (louder and more poseur).

Not quite in an atas mood, we settled for Muse. Reminiscent of Post Bar @ The Fullerton with its high ceilings, the setting also bears semblance to MOS with its loud and thumping music.

Despite the pumped up vibe, it was surprisingly quiet for a Friday evening, which was just as well. Seated outdoors, its a great place to catch up + chill.



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