Thursday, April 05, 2007

Holey Moley

Move over Krispy Kreme ... Holey Donuts has supposedly taken over holy grail of donuts!

Containing less fat as compared to KK ...

"at an astonishing two point eight (2.8) grams of total fat per donut"

"Doughnuts typically range from eight grams of fat for a glazed French cruller to more than double that for a cake-like doughnut."

"No Trans-fats! - No Cholesterol! - Just great taste!"

"you would have to eat 5 of our donuts to get the amount of fat in one traditional donut!"

check out the website and be bowled over ...

unfortunately this is only available in the States ... however, if you are planning a trip to NYC where the factory is ... please go check it out and let me know whether it tastes like heaven :)



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