Monday, April 23, 2007

The Hunt Is On

For those in the know, of late, I have been fretting over the roof over my head.

Come June, my lease @ Bishan is due for renewal or kapoot - lapse.

It was a decision that 3 of us had to make.

A) To renew the lease, albeit at a higher and at an initial ridiculously proposed increase in rent of 66.66% (WTF?!)


B) To allow the lease to lapse and we all go our separate ways.

Initially, we all agreed to renew the lease depending on how negotiations with the landlord went. Subsequently, one opted out of the renewal. Which leaves us with another problem : finding another flatmate to split the rent.

The past 2 weeks and counting were an ordeal for me. With the IT filing deadlines, FashBash and the lingering burden of the lease thingy...boy, it was sleepless nights...

Another alternative to continue leasing was to move back home to mummy and daddy...

Ya right!!! Not if I can help it.

The other obvious consideration was buying a place to stay. This was something I had planned in 2 years time (with luck). But circumstances proved otherwise. Unfortunately, now seems like a bad time to buy property. That said, in 2 years time, what could be within reach now could be out of reach then and the vicious circle begins again. Hunt for a new place to stay etc.

Speaking of which, its one thing which I absolutely hate, having to scour, pack and uproot. Scouring for a place to stay is a is tedious, time-consuming and requires a lot of research. Packing, needless to say is a disgusting chore. And finally the uproot. Getting used to unfamiliar surroundings, moving out of the comfort zone and hopefully assimilating seamlessly into the new one. Hence, lending argument that perhaps, getting a place of my own now (if I chance upon the right one) might be lead to the pursuit of happyness :)

Oh yes, with such gaiety and optimism that presents!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the right abode comes along. After all, it will be I think the largest financial commitment that I will make. So it has to be perfect, it has to be ME.

To share my insipiration, here are some cool apartments in the US that I stumbled upon ... think small spaces.



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Have I ever mentioned that orange fonts are such a big no-no. I almost went blind reading your post...

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