Friday, December 22, 2006

My Potato-Head

i want to build my own hybrid of men ... you know .... like the Do-It-Yourself Mr Potato-Head?

in Disneyland, you get to choose the pieces that you like and assemble the perfect Mr Potato-Head together ... just the way you like it ... aahhh ... wouldn't that be great? just like cloning a mate ... hmmm ...

yes, yes, those of you in the know (ahem, circle of trust) would have heard me bemoaning the absence of nice men ... chivalry is so dead ... niceness is non-existent ... even having EQ seems so much to ask for ... ugh!

oh yes, i'm so hard to please ...

so a lil of A + B + C + D (i'm silently reciting some names from my lil black book) = the puuurrr-feeecccct man ...

and TA-DA!!! meet, my soul-mate ........... yyeessss, i'm settling for potato-heads now ... i need my dosage of kan-tang!

and you know what the best part is?

see the pot of gold (doh) that darling Mr Potato-Head is standing on? well, being the kind and generous soul that he is ... he gives me lotsa doh to play with ... hehehe

eat ur heart out sista!!!



Blogger Jellbell from Hell said...

Mr Potato-head makes me hungry, hmmm mashed potatoes (with extra gravy) would be great for the stomach and soul for a rainy X'mas eve! :)

5:21 pm  

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