Wednesday, December 27, 2006


sigh ... its terrible feeling unwell at this time of the year when I really want to revel in all the festivities and post-Christmas sales ...

was down with flu the week before ... and then came the cough that never went away ... and now my eyes are giving me problems ... thought it was the contact lenses that was causing the eye irritation ... so off came the lenses and on came the spectacles with prescribed eye drops ... to no avail ... and to make things worse my spectacles are giving me a headache!!! argh!!! apparently the other optician I visited earlier this year swapped the lenses for each side incorrectly ... such idiots!

anyway, I think I know where the problem lies ... overdose of You-Tubing the past week ... I admit that its more straining on the eyes than working in the office ...

visit to the optician revealed that my myopia has improved slightly ... surprise surprise ...

also, I'm considering Lasik now that prices have dropped tremendously ... 2 friends have gone under the knife this year and I'm tempted as well ... New Year's resolution perhaps ...



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