Friday, December 29, 2006

2 more days ...

before we usher in the New Year ... as expected, Christmas has come and gone like a flicker of a flame ...

I tend to slip into a lil' depression as we approach the end of the year ... the feeling of apprehension about the New Year kicks in ... seems like another tunnel to chug along ... not exactly looking forward to growing a year older as well ... version 2.8 is about to be installed soon ... while version 2.7 is still grappling with the environment at large ...

Anyway, I'm glad I took time off from work to relax and take things easy before work snowballs into the peak season which is like SOON ... its also a time to reflect on events that happened throughout the year ...

There were some painful and heart-breaking times and several bumps along the way in terms of work and relationships. However, overall I must say that 2006 has been a great year ...

> New friendships were forged, some friendships became stronger, improved relations at work
>> I did my usual bit of travelling, with an entire month off from work ... another extensive round this year ... Batam with the ees, Bangkok with Mum + Sis, Tioman with the gang, the annual HK/SZ pilgrimage, first trip Down Under to Syd/Melb
>>> Picked up a new sport - Tennis
>>>> I survived my 3rd peak!!!
>>>>> I started blogging and am sticking to it

More excitement to come in 2007 I hope!



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