Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Gurl Power

If you have not caught Girls Out Loud (GOL), airing on Channel 5 on Monday Nights, you have to watch this clip ... absolutely hilarious!!! I was roaring with laughter ... hahaha

Yes, yes ... i have been on a You-Tube rampage ... just completed the entire series of Goong aka Princess Hours ... all 24 episodes in 7 days ... whew!

Anyway, before i digress ... the funny bits about the blind dates on GOL which i thought were absolutely corny are as follows :

1) Chelestier (a hybrid of Chelsea and Balestier ... and to think that Balestier is cool??? wtf?)

What sort of a name is that?! So hongkee like ... and to think that this guy actually conferred this name upon himself (what was he thinking?) ... he would have garnered the same reaction from me as Roz did ... tsk tsk

Plus he claims to be some love guru having penned a book about dating tips ... please lah, who is he trying to bluff?

2) Steven Lim (FREAK FREAK FREAK!!!)

OMG!!! Absolutely DISGUSTING and damn narcissistic !!! This guy is oblivious to how irritating he can be ... and he can't sing for goodness sake! People like him should be paired with Kutiya (since they live in a world of their own) ... can we set them up please? They would make a beautiful couple ... really ...

yea, like Xiaxue, i would have ordered a suicide as well!!! ugh!

ok i should probably stop bitching ... but since I am already guaranteed my first class ticket to HELL ... so might as well make the ride worth it eh?

I'm a bitch and loving it :)



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