Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Haze + The Marlboro Man

Today's PSI = Marlboro Lights


Every conversation that i have had in the past 2 days touches on the recent haze problem ... and an interesting analogy on the haze situation came up ... linking the PSI readings with ciggies ...

Well, today's PSI was much better than Yesterday's PSI = Marlboro Red (at a high of 150 at one point) ... which allowed for the much awaited game of tennis ... yay!

It's been a month since i last played ... and i was aching to have a game ... mainly to try out my new tennis racquet ... ooohh yes, i *heart* my new racquet ... with a heavier head + tighter strings + firmer and more cushiony grip ... it allowed for more powerful ground strokes ... love the sound!

did i mention about the new tennis shoes too? :)



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