Tuesday, May 09, 2006

my favourite 4 letter word

Today was @lloy's shopping day ... Raoul S A L E !!!

Didn' t expect the private sale to be such an event ... long queue ... no AC ... shirts in disarray ... but that didn't stop the gals from getting a shirt each + @lloy got away with 3 shirts ...

May is month where my coffers will be emptied ... with the GSS + my new watch purchase ...


Blogger blingster said...

i saw ya queuing for the sale. yep, long long queue.

anyway, hi! :)

7:33 am  
Blogger s p a c e d o n u t said...


FINALLY know who you are liao ... thot you were VAN or some imposter of the sibs with blings :)

9:15 am  

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