Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Weekend Get-AWAY

29.04.2006 - 01.01.2006

3 days + 2 nights

with the peeps ... to Batam

1st holiday of the year for all of us ... a well-deserved break ...

the good :

put up at the Harris Hotel ... decent place except for the occasional blackout and water outage ... swimming pool was huge ... very good proximity to nearby amenities ... go-karting was just 3 minutes away by car, bowling lanes on site, jet-skiing, kayaking, para-sailing just a stones throw away ... we did all of the above ... awesome!!!

::: charlie + his angels :::

::: kayaking :::

::: go-kart poseurs :::

::: para para ... sailing lah :::

the bad :

the spa was a complete let down ... lee & tee kena-ed a masseuse who fell asleep halfway ... j-mee got a big momma who squeezed the life out of him ... water supply that got cut off while we were trying to shower ... as a result we had to do away with the milk bath ... my Cleopatra moment just dissipated ...

no beach!!!!! argh!!!!!

far-nee moments ... bee at the massage palour when we were out in town ... got a slap on his buns while chatting up his masseuse ... naughty naughty ... jem + @lloy spa-ing together ...

sca-ree moments ... tee & me almost got thrown off the jet ski when the engine failed ... i was clinging on to the steering wheel while tee was clinging on to me for dear life ... *shudder*

drunken moments ... damnit, that didn't happen ... left with 2/3 bottle of Absolut, 1/2 bottle of Malibu and an unopened bottle of wine ...

slee-pee moments ... hibernated in the hotel room on Sunday due to the rain ... sleepy heads on the ferry ride on the way home ... sleepy me on the way to and from town Nagoya ...

brokeback moments ... need i say more?

yum-mee moments ... the only decent meal we had was at the kelong ... with some seafood to whet our famished appetites ...

::: kelong lunch :::

kodak moments ...

::: ferry ride home :::



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