Sunday, May 07, 2006

1st Time at The Polls + Fash Bash

Saturday 06.05.2006

First time voting at Singapore's General Election ...

Braved the rain to rush down to Anderson Primary School to cast my vote ... on the way there, it felt alarmingly quiet for a Saturday morning ... with the gloomy sky and heavy downpour, seemed like everyone was staying indoors ... i was very impressed at the way things were organized at the voting centre ... with my makeshift poll card (i lost it remember?) and vote casted, everything was over and done with in less than 10mins ... i daresay 5 mins flat! excellent! just hate to waste time ...

Trotted down to City Hall for the FashBash set-up with Van ... unfortunately, my other half was terribly late which delayed the set-up ... bummer!

Lush music in the background ... muted lighting ... it was a nice atmosphere ... it is by far the nicest bazaar that we have attended so far :)

The crowd came and went ... at times there were just throngs of customers ... luckily the polls didn't stop the fashion pack from coming ... also met some old friends who happened to pop by ...

Tired legs (6 hours of standing!) save for a few moments on the potty ... hungry tummy cos there was no time for lunch ... it was all worth it ... sales were robust :)

Of course i shopped! A funky cheongsam top from Tan Tan (a new upcoming local designer) + a tube top ... couldn't resist!

Ended the day with a swig of Hoegaarden *hic*


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