Monday, May 15, 2006

lappee is down

second time in 6 freakin' months ... my laptop is down again ...

apparently, its the same ol' hard disk problem ... gawd, its so frustrating and tiring having to reinstall all the programs again ... time after time ... very painful and traumatic experience ... i'm very attached to my laptop ... dunno what i'd do without it ... its like my life story in there ...

looks like i have to go into cold turkey again this week ... feel totally lost without my broadband connection ... disconnected with the www (whole wide world) ...

hope they get it fixed for good this time + i'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will extend my warranty for another year ... they'd better ... i'm pissed enough already


Blogger blingster said...

Oh yes. It is always wise to back-up your data onto an external hdd.

it always happens to our people in the office too.

hope your laptop resumes operation soon. tc!

7:39 am  

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