Wednesday, May 10, 2006

freaky frog!

i ate a part of a frog today ... argh!!!! yuck!!!!!

just so you know ... i have never ever eaten a frog before .... nope, i haven't even touched frog legs ... unless i have been duped on previous occasions ... but as far as i am concerned, my record is clean ... until ... today!!!

had a business dinner at Soup Restaurant this evening and all went well until dessert time ... the client asked if we wanted the dessert hot or cold ... saying that its a jelly-like dish, good for cleansing the internal body system, etc... without knowing what it was, i went for the cold version ...

the dessert arrived and i tucked in happily ... thinking that it was ching tng ... gourmet style ... it tasted nice and it was going well ... until the revelation ... frog's brain or frog's membrane (i forgot ... lets just stop at the word frog) ... i almost flipped!!!

out of courtesy, i finished the bowl ... all the while imagining it to be premium grade ching tng ... although there were times when the floating bits really bore close resemblance to what a brain would look like ...

good gawd ... no more freaky frogs for me ...



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