Friday, September 14, 2007



sorry to disappoint but i don't exactly have actual pics of the apartment cos frankly i haven't taken any save for the posed shots with some visitors ... some got lucky and were treated to pasta cooked by yours truly, haha :)

here are the lucky ones, stace + flo

the only neighbour that i have been closely acquainted with so far is a cat that lives just next door - Soo Tee! at least i think that is how i would like her name to be spelt. she is very friendly and very manja, coming in to inspect every nook and cranny of the apartment every now and then.

here are some adorable pics of her ... notice that she has this black patch under her nose ... as a result, she has been nicknamed charlie chaplin by mum, hitler by dad and moose-touch by stace, hehe



Anonymous jaykay said...

oh man! kittycat! i love pussy...cats!

12:42 am  

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