Saturday, September 15, 2007


I got my golf proficiency cert (PC) today which means that I can finally go on the golf greens!!! Whoopeeee!!!!!

Well, only applicable for selected courses only ... but STILL!!!

That's one item off my 'To Do' list.

Now, I need to start shopping for golf shoes and clubs. This is gonna burn another hole in my pocket. Donors anyone? Am looking for woods, a 7-iron, a chipper and a putter to start off. Second hand clubs also can lah ... nice golf bags welcomed as well, hee :)

+ + +

Ooh, yes, I digress ... been actively Facebook-ing ... although the poking and buying of flowers and throwing of food activities have died down somewhat ...

And you know what? Like in Tee's case, one of my client's has just added me to Facebook!!! Oh man! How to reject the request? One of the perils of joining the firm's network on Facebook. You can search for fellow co-workers around the globe ... but it also gives clients access to you!



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