Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cambodia : Countless Temples (Day 1)

Temple-hopping across 3 days! Whoopee!

Our first stop was the mother of all Wats - Angkor Wat. But first, we had to secure our 3-day pass.

:: Angkor Wat at daybreak / sunrise ::

:: *gulp* - the steep ascent. The descent was worse! Definitely not for those afraid of heights!!! ::

While waiting for sunset (which unfortunately did not happen due to the cloudy skies), we camwhored and oogled at Jap tourists for an hour or so, while spotting some serious fashion disasters.

For some lighthearted humour, here is Ms Lak in various poses : As Xena, Ms Hiao Zha Bor, the Apsara Molester (and we were wondering why the bust areas were all blackened as compared to other body parts hehe) and as the Ghost Buster!



Blogger Jellbell from Hell said...

Hey the photos look really good! I've yet to upload mine, but will try to do it really soon! muacks! :)

8:07 pm  
Blogger Jellbell from Hell said...

P/S: I meant photos of the temple...not of me larrr! hahahaha

8:08 pm  

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