Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bice + Tangerine + Senso + Samar + B&B Room

yup yup yup! more glorious food ....

Tuesday 24.04.2007

Attended the grand opening of Bice (bee-chey) Bistro @ The Cannery ... free flow of bubbly and wine + finger food. Lee & I were appalled at some of the guests ... some people are really greedy when it comes to food especially when it is free. There was this group of rather good looking girls in front of us who were gobbling their food while queing for food at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking! There was this other guy who was eyeing my plate of food when I just placed it on the table momentarily. He had the cheek to ask if that was his. Hello?! Short-term memory mister, you have your hands full already, how can it be yours? duh!!!

While the wine + food was good, we still had room for dessert. We chanced upon Tangerine (also under The Cannery group of pubs/restaurants) and decided to check it out.

I have found an alternative to The Chocolate Factory (TCF). And I have been shamelessly promoting it to TCF lovers.

After an overdose of TCF in previous weeks, Tangerine was a welcome change. While not as rich as TCF, the hot chocolate was delicious! And lighter for the pocket too! The cakes were lovely as well. We had the tiramisu, cheese cake and the chocolate mousse I think, can't really remember as this was 2 weeks ago. In terms of quality and presentation, Tangerine is on par with TCF and Baker's Inn. I can't condemn Canele enough.

Thursday 26.04.2007

What luck! With the US partner down in Singapore for a meeting on a program I am working on, I had the opportunity to attend a nice luncheon with the partner and managers at Senso. It's been ages since I last dined at Senso. The last experience at Senso was fabulous - a birthday dinner with pals some 3-4 years ago I think. Impeccable food + excellent service + warm, cosy ambience.

Senso has kept its standards up over the years and as such lunch didn't dissapoint. Opted for the set lunch, a pretty good value at $34+++. Dessert was strange and yet surprisingly delightful - chocolate in tomato with pistachio ice-cream by the side. While the sound of it might send your stomach churning, it was very unique I must say!

Had dinner at Samar @ Arab Street that night after work. After a long day of meetings, I was too darn tired nor in the mood for an enjoyable night out. Needless to day, dinner was quite a non-event for me.

Monday 30.04.2007

Met Jas + Pat for brunch at The Bar & Billard Room @ The Raffles Hotel.

Gosh, it was really disappointing. For such an expensive brunch, the spread and quality of food was really quite dismal. At the raw food bar, the selection didn't look nor taste fresh. The only saving grace for me was dessert. The pralines were wonderful!

I still rank The Tiffin Room high on hotel brunches. Or high tea in my case. Will just stick to drinks at Bar & Billard.



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