Friday, September 01, 2006

the empress' new clothes

its the 1st day of my sabbatical and i'm already $400 poorer (just when i thought i was done with shopping in BKK) ... the story? well, here's how my day went ...

lunched at the cee-bee-dee ... yea i thought i could escape the area ... but alas, had to meet jen to collect some stuff .... as expected, bumped into some familiar faces during lunch ...

city hall ... to check on stocks for BI ... stumbled on a SHOE SALE!!! argh!!! my fav Beverly Feldmans were on sale!!!! ... so i succumbed and bought a pair of bling sandals :)

caught up with SY at her shop ... turns out that she's going to HK too! (when i'm there ... cool!) to work on her new collection of cheongsams ... SY was just telling me about her new collection and she was raving about this particular new design that she was gonna come up with ... since i was looking for a dress for a wedding ... i bought that said dress from her on the spot ... without even seeing the dress ... let alone a sketch of it ... just imagining how it would look like based on her descriptions ... but i did get see the fabric though ... i feel like a fairytale empress in new clothes ... sucker! ... haha ... oh well ... i'm putting a lot of trust into SY's taste :) *cross fingers* ... yup, i bit the bait ... what to do ... she is only gonna make 4 pieces and she wasn't even intending to make one in my size!

my other purchase was a bag for my laptop ... its so hard finding a nice, non-black (read : boring) bag for my lappie ... so when i finally saw something colourful + quirky at Borders ... i got it right away ... it was the only one left ... feel so kiasu today ... heh :)

man, i can't bear to think about the damage i'm gonna rack up in HK ...

looking forward to meeting the 'ees' later ...


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Anonymous JayKay said...

"black" is NOT boring! sez me.

8:00 pm  

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