Thursday, August 24, 2006

King Kong

hehe ... was chuckling after reading kennysia's post on childhood autographs ...

spurred by my upcoming trip to Hong Kong (6 to 19 September) ... would like to reproduce 2 of kenny's autographs below ... ya lah, quite childish ... but his post made me reminisce and brought back fond memories of those days when we were the young ones ... here goes ...

Old Version :

"Go to Hong Kong
Play the Ping Pong
Back from Hong Kong
Marry the King Kong "

Kenny's Version :

"Go To Hong Kong
Eat Until Song Song
Come Back Hong Kong
Become King Kong"

My Version :

Go to Hong Kong
Buy Some Racy Thongs
Seduce King Kong
Become Mrs Kong

Learn Mah Jong
Stay in Hong Kong

ha! now you know what i'm gonna be doing in Hong Kong ...



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