Monday, August 28, 2006

the countdown begins

3 more days ....

until my hols begin ...

i'm so sick of work ... its getting draggy and i'm really really tired ...

been reaching office earlier than usual ... even before the official hours ... guess its cos' i wanna pack up and go on the dot without the guilt-trip ...

i so need to get a grip man ...

+ + +

hooray!!! lee has finally settled her air tics for HK ... glad to have some company for a couple of days during my solitude there :)

so to the rest of the peeps ... if ur gonna pop by HK between 6 to 19 September ... you know who to call :P
+ + +

with Krispy Kreme and Xu Liu Shan in HK ... i'm gonna return to Singapore a diabetic ... its indulgence in KK for breakfast / tea and XLS for after dinner dessert for the 13 days in HK ... i'm in heaven ... sweet heaven baby ... hahaha


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