Thursday, August 24, 2006

toyboys & boytoys

good nights out are made of these ...

chilled out with lee at Morton's ... its Mortini Nights on weekdays where martinis go for $9.95 per glass ... with complimentary steak sandwiches that are oh-so-yummy ... the beef was juicy and succulent ... the bread was nicely buttered and warm ... heavenly ... it's the next best alternative to the REAL DEAL ... i.e. Morton's of Chicago - The Steakhouse ... will definitely go back for the yummylicious 'wiches ...

next, we headed down to Suba for a round of complimentary Cosmos + strawberry chocolate fondue ... pretty good! service was excellent as well ... waiters were very attentive and kept feeding us with sticks of strawberries while maintaining the constant free flow of Cosmos ... music was great ... lee + i were lancing in our seats throughout ... only grouse about the place is the lousy ambience ... Suba looks good during the day but feels just like any other pub at night ... no X-factor there ...

and nope ... no potential toyboys in sight ...

+ + +

lak + kay + i were discussing about what to get for baby Caleb ... apart from the set of baby clothes that i got ... we were thinking of getting toys for the boy ...

here are the suggestions the gals came up with :

barney the purple dino ... nah, barney is gay (p.s. nope, i'm NOT homophobic)
tellytubbies ... nah, all of the them are gay too
bert ... nah, too evil
thomas the tank engine ... yea, probably this is it

erm ... you don't wanna know my suggestions ... cos' i was in an evil state of mind ... its too disturbing to mention ...

alright ... that sums up toyboys + boytoys for tonight :)



Blogger blingster said...

im afraid it's "Thomas The Tank Engine".

I used to watch their cartoons.

Robinsons carries a wide range of their stuff at Raffles Citiy.


8:37 pm  
Blogger s p a c e d o n u t said...

whoops! thanks for pointing it out ... amended :)

11:04 pm  

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