Sunday, August 20, 2006

Surprise Surprise !!!


the gang threw a SURPRISE bee-day party for Wilson ... however, the plan got foiled somewhat by Corkee ... despite repeated reminders via emails + sms ... damn!!! the cat got out of the bag ...

but we had fun nevertheless ... its always a thrill having something up one's sleeve ... a conspiracy ... excitement ... yea, we are such thrill seekers ...

BBQ + getting the bee-day boy thrown into the pool ...

Guoliang also got "raped" by some folks who wanted to see the alien on his back ... hehe ...


Mum said that she was very happy today ... cos' we all got to spend an entire day together doing family activities ... yakking, gossiping and of course eating lah ... its very rare that she says such stuff ... so sweet huh? :)

the blings + blingster got together for a round of tennis ... while the rest took a dip in the pool ... i fiddled with itunes to get updates for my pod ... new songs!!! yay!!!


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