Sunday, May 28, 2006

news in brief

its been quite an exciting week ... the news in brief

Thursday 25.05.2006

K with the peeps ... organized with CJ in mind ... but unfortunately, he was not able to join us for another round of crooning ... nevertheless, proceeded with the sing-along session with the peeps ...

quote j-mee "first time karaoke-ing ALL english songs" ... hahaha .... yea man, thanks for keeping my interests in check :)

Friday 26.05.2006

fire drill!!! again!!!

watched X-men 3 at the new Picturehouse ... impressive! the cinema that is ... very plush settings, comfy seats and excellent sound system ... movie was good too ... lots of unexpected character demises ... there will definitely be another sequel ...

Saturday 27.05.2006

very long day ...

business meeting + house model .... well, not exactly a model model ... my measurements got taken for a line of new clothing ... did it as a favour and gives me incentive to buy the new range of clothing when it next launches ... since it should fit perfectly :)

Great Singapore Sale has started! town was absolutely crowded ... did not buy anything at all ... too darn nerve-wrecking ...

headed to Haji Lane to check out the night life/scene ... very idyllic, quaint and funky ... dinner at an egyptian/turkish restaurant ... food was quite a let down ... somehow the turkish meats are always very tough ... ended off with a round of apple-mint shee-shah ... yea! again! kinda fun ... seeing wilson + kay smoke for the first time .... hahaha

headed to New Asia Bar thereafter for a night of partying ... bluffed the batender that it was sylvia's bee-day and she got a free waterfall on the house ... new trick to try out!

FINALLY! signed up for tennis lessons ... starts next Thursday! break a leg? i hope not ...



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