Tuesday, May 30, 2006

the cure

i'm trying to recover from my flu/fever predicament asap ...

heard that in Hong Kong, a quick remedy for a cold is to drink boiled coca-cola + ginger + lemon ... apparently this recipe is available at most HK char-chan-thengs ... a lil search on the internet threw up this interesting website on the many uses of coke ... yea, you may have heard of it before ... but here it is anyway .... crazy uses for coca-cola

so off i went to buy cans of coke (the original) and a lemon fruit ... wasn't sure about the ginger part, so i guess my remedy would a half-baked one which would yield half-baked results ... oh well ... better than nothing ...

microwaved the coke with slices of lemon ... my concoction turned out to be quite yummy actually ... tasted a lil like hot lemon tea with fizz .... and looked a lil like bourbon coke ... uh huh ... it awoke the alcoholic in me ... hahahaha ... nah, just kidding ... not a fan of bourbon ...

if anyone has tried this 'cure' (as in the real thing, not my half-baked one) before, lemme know ... i'd be interested to know!

+ + +

just did another search on cures for colds ... trust the russians to remedy a cold with vodka no less ...

"The Russians recommend drinking an ice-cold glass of vodka with two teaspoons of black pepper! "

okay ... out comes my bottle of vodka .... unfortunately, there is no black pepper on hand at home ... damnit! i'll just stick to coke for now ...



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