Sunday, April 23, 2006

West Side Story

Wednesday 19.04.2006

Caught West Side Story at The Esplanade with Chin-yee & Vin-wee + Yee-wan & Jia-lun (can't find any 'ee' to substitute his name) ...

As mentioned previously, I had zero expectations for the musical ... in fact, I was dreading watching it, thinking that it'd be an absulute waste of time ...

Storyline :

Way too predictable. Think Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet ... replace the Montagues vs the Capulets with the Puerto Ricans vs the Americanos ... and not only do you get the gist, but the entire storyline .... *yawn*

The ending was so abrupt ... "huh, like that one ah?" ... it just ended the evening on a low note ...

Actors + dance moves :

Wasn't too impressed ... only found the male lead worth perking up to ... okay, that didn't sound right ... but you get the drift ...

The verdict :

Below average.

The highlight :

A peek into Tammy's sex vee-deo on Yee-wan's mobile phone during the interval (yea, i'm slow alrite ... just not into local porn ... hahaha) ... gawd knows what else she has in there .... oops!



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