Sunday, April 16, 2006

All Buttered Up

Thursday 13.04.2006

After dinner at Valentino, joined the 'ees' for a night out at The Butter Factory ... a relatively new club in town, belting out R&B, hip-hop beats ... the night's event - "State of Deckadence" which we were on the guest list, hee ...

The Factory is a rather small outfit as compared to Zouk & MoS ... as lee put it, we have been spoilt by the bigger clubs and as such we were not used to the smaller area. The night started off pretty well ... had fun posing for pictures with the cute and wacky wall murals (check out "Weird Uncle J-Mee" below)

... but that didn't last long as we played musical chairs 3 times ... having had to shift seats 3 times in half an hour ... and finally settled down on the outskirts of the 'VIP' area ...

The drink list was quite interesting, decided to try out The Factory's specialties - Zombie (aka the 'knock out' drink) & Butter Factory Iced Tea (aka Long Island Tea) ... turned out that Zombie was much more palatable than the Iced Tea which tasted like cough syrup according to some ... absolutely disgusting ... bleah!

Trouble really started brewing during the 141 hour (i.e. the infamous B1G1 ... Buy 1 Free 1 lah! hahaha) ... we placed our order for some shooters (again, another Factory specialty) which we understood were part of the the 141 promotion ...

alas, the bartender was clueless about the promo ... so we approached the waiter who provided the confirmation on the promo and he took our orders for the shooters for the second time ... we waited some 15 - 20 minutes for the shooters which did not arrive and approached the same waiter again and demanded to see the manager ... we were so furious, we were so gonna screw THE MANAGER ... and we did!

The excuses/explanations given were lame and unacceptable ... being a new club does not warrant the benefit of having a 'get out of jail free' card for the lackadaisical service + attitude ... if The Factory wants to level the playing field with the bigger boys, it better brush up its service attitude and management style ... we are sooooo not gonna visit The Factory again ...

:: the drinks menu ::

:: BF Iced Tea + Zombie :: Pink P***y Slam Shooters ::

Anyway, to make up for the unpleasantries, we received 23 free shooters (they forgot 1 ... see what I mean about the attentiveness of service?!) on The Factory ... in other words, we had free p***y that night (pardon the pun and the crudeness) ... and surprisingly, the shooters were good! So that softened the blow just a little ...

Bottomline :

The Butter Factory s*u*c*k*s BIG TIME !

still pissssed .......


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