Sunday, April 16, 2006

retail therapy ....

Saturday 15.04.2005

I haven't had the luxury in a looonng time to just while my time away ... finally had the chance to shop, shop and shop + eat, eat and eat today!

Met Jas for a round of shopping at Orchard ... lunched at Island Cafe - had the crayfish laksa - delish! and tea at Imperial Nan Bei Restaurant - while it sounds so upscale and chi-chi, its actually cheap and good for afternoon tea!

Caused a slight ruckus at Best Denki when Jas bought her Nano but received a stack of CD-RW worth $12.90 instead... the CD-RWs were bought by a fella before us at the cashier ... luckily, she checked her purchase when we sat down for tea ... immediately went to BD to demand a replacement, which they did in a fuss-free manner (*applause*) ... obviously, the fella ran off with a Nano in lieu of his cheap CDs ... lucky guy :(

Met tee for the Open Stage Flea Market at The Substation ... was not as good as I had expected it to be ... minimal vendors ... but managed to pick up some great bargains - 3 acid lounge CDs for $22 + a pair of vintage earrings for $2 ... woo-hoo! the CDs are great by the way ...

Tee & I were craving for some brew at Soup Spoon ... unfortunately, they were 'upgrading to serve us better' ... Being soup nazis, we HAD to have our soup ... so we settled for soup at Cedele Depot which was pretty good except for the 'duh' cashier ... shall not elaborate since I sound like I'm such a pain already ... sorry, I can't help it, but I'm having so many gripes about service people nowadays ...

Sinned at Menotti - wonderful dessert! Creme brulee, tiramisu and warm chocolate cake ... heaven!!!!!!

Death by Chocolate anyone?

:: dessert at Menotti :: CDs + vintage earrings ::


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