Sunday, April 09, 2006

frantic frenzy

another week of hard work + long hours ... another towel thrower ... this year's peak has been an uphill climb with plenty of excess baggage and is really getting on everyone's nerves, its no wonder the turnover rate is much higher this time round ... wonder what the 1.5 hour department meeting this coming Monday will entail ... surprise me please ...

on to happier thoughts ... Thursday was an enjoyable day ... JD brought @lloy + the 'ees' to Singapore Cricket Club for lunch! Lunch was surprisingly good ... since SCC is famous for their chicken rice ... decided to give that a shot and I wasn't disappointed ... meat was succulent and tender, portions were generous ... ambience wise ... the place is kinda quaint and laid back, average age of diners hovered around 40-ish ... not exactly the hippiest place to have lunch in town, but overall it's a nice change from the usual spectrum of choices :)

Joined mum & sis for a play at the new Drama Centre at the National Library after work - The Magic Fundoshi ... starring Hossan Leong, Jonathan Lim, Koh Boon Pin (who bared his @$$, Robin Goh and Emma Yong (who bared her t*ts ... well almost! save for those diamante ni**le coverups) ... in case you are wondering, nudity did not save the play ... made up of 3 different plots with lots of sexual innuendos ... i wasn't impressed ... frankly, i felt it was more like child's play ... well, maybe adult's play ... i wouldn't reccommend this ... so don't bother watching it, unless you are a huge Emma Yong fan ... then go catch her jiggling t*ts on display

:::: dessert! after the play ::::

Speaking of plays, half the 'ees' went to catch West Side Story on Friday night and they were so not impressed ... i'm catching it on 19 April and my expectations are rock bottom ... damn


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