Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cambodia : Camwhoring!!! (updated)

Okay, I'm not done yet. I can't help but upload our camwhoring moments as well. And I have just added some of Lak's pics.

I could have taken more pictures but because I ran out of batteries at one point and also on memory space (logistics error) I had no choice but to ration my picture-taking moments :(

So anyway, I proudly present the camsluts Lee & Lak!

:: flushed from afternoon beer ::
:: My Vanna White moment ::

:: ooh la la, i'm so sexy MUAHAHAHA ::

:: pump it baby! ::

:: ms lak running amok ::

:: our friendly tuk-tuk chauffer for 3 days - Mr LayChet! ::

:: smelly armpits? NOT!!! we were trying to emulate the missing elephant ::



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