Sunday, October 15, 2006

Oktoberfest 2006

Friday the 13th ... umm ... not a very auspicious day ... but with our Devil-May-Care friday mood ... we revelled in the Oktoberfest festivities near the office as soon as we could get off work :)

Good thing we purchased tics in advance as they were all sold out at about 8pm ... yeah, it was that popular ... teeming with office execs ... the place sure was crowded!

Atmosphere was so-so ... it would have been more fun with more people in the group ... unfortunately some friends had other plans and one got turned away cos' tics were sold out ... bummer ...

To add to the mood, the barmaids were dressed in traditional German costumes (but without any cleavage ... as such bee was pretty disappointed ... haha) there was also a traditional Bavarian band, H├╝ttenpower, belting out Oom Pa Pa music ... with all the brass and clangs ... it sounded more like a Chinese funeral procession to me ... serious!!! it was really hard to revel in such music while sitting down in an enclosed tent with bench seats ... guess it would have sounded better in an open field/beer garden or something ... but then again, if we had had more beers ... we would have been dancing on the table tops anyway :)

Food by Village was quite a let down ... much of it was cold ... and the quality was sub-standard

okay ... we were pretty bored ... hence the above self-amusement pics :)

the pic of lee + bee is such a classic ... the peeps can surely attest to that!

we were looking forward to seeing Angie's friend's hen-party ... unfortunately they didn't make it to the fest while we were there ... but we were lucky enough to catch them at the office lobby while adjourning to Velvet ...

here are the hens ....

love the bunny ears and the 'whip-me' outfit!



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