Thursday, July 19, 2007


I'm currently fascinated with the Beckhams ... lapping up on the gossip, the sexy spread on W magazine (ooh!) and the YouTube videos. I'm not so concerned about David here. It's all about Victoria ... she is really really funny! She just cracks me up ... big time!

Caught Vic's interview with Jay Leno a day after the official arrival in LA and I thought she seemed rather normal. I have never seen her so smile so much.

But really, my opinion changed after I caught the first episode of 'Coming to America'. She really is quite a clown! And the epitome of a Stepford Wife android.

In the debut episode, Vic was driving (a lil dangerously) around LA without a valid US license when she was asked to pull over by the police for questioning. And of course, with the paparazzi at large, she exclaimed "I didn't know whether to pose or get arrested!" Poor Vic, life is so confusing ...

And with that incident, Vic had to get a valid US driving license ... you should see her pose for camera. We are talking about the picture to be printed on her license. Seemed like a semi-major photoshoot ... with a stylish pose to boot plus hair and make-up touchups! I was just reeling with laughter!

There are 5 more episodes to go and I can't wait!


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