Monday, November 27, 2006

tappity tap

caught the movie Happy Feet!!!

very cute ... love the music ... some parts were hilarious ... but overall it wasn't fantastic ...

the environmental message that the director was trying to put across at the end of the movie kinda spoilt the charm of the show ... it became a tad too serious and far-fetched towards the end ... duh!

i still like fairy-tale endings especially when it comes to animation shows ... ya, i know ... no substance ... can't help it if i'm a romantic right? :)

ah well ... attempt to try Canale (for sweet desserts by the Les Amis group) on sunday failed ... hopefully i will get to try it sometime soon ... bring on the sugar!!!

i'm feeling sleepy at work AGAIN ... the rainy weather ain't helping either ... hmm, now where did i put my toothpicks ....


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